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Workshop program
  • Tips for work.
  • Choosing the right equipment and light to perform different tasks.
  • The nuances of the work on the street.
  • Search location and create an image, the atmosphere in the picture.
  • Shooting a girl on the street.
Shooting in the room
  • Using "natural" lightning, combining with the existing lighting equipment.
  • Using a variety of light sources and filters.
  • Working with reflectors, studio light, combined light scheme.
  • Find a common language with the model, take photos more emotional.
  • Creating the atmosphere and the sense of presence in the photos.
Shooting in the street
  • Search location and the creation of the story.
  • The use of different light sources in the streets.
  • Working with the model under different conditions.
  • New photo shoot in the city center.
Summing up of the day
Workshop program
Adobe Photoshop
  • Working in Camera Raw, and post-processing in Photoshop.
  • Fast and batch processing, creating your own presets.
  • We trying to find and use harmony of color and frame.
  • Fast and glossy skin treatment, various methods.
  • Retouch portraits.
Coffee break
Adobe Photoshop
  • Creation of an additional volume and texture filters.
  • Working with color channels.
  • Color conversion, new shades.
  • Proper toning, creating colorful images.
  • Using and the creation of plug-ins.
  • Working with the sharpness of the different approaches.
  • Preparation laid out the photos to the Internet
Your questions
  • The results of the master class.
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